Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Chicago 

Egyptian Birth Certificates 

Egyptian birth certificates could be applied for either personally at the Egyptian Consulate in Chicago or by mail.

1. Applying in Person

To obtain Egyptian birth certificates, birth registration needs to be processed first. Completing Forms-26 and 40 purchased from the Consulate must be filled. (30 USD for Form-26, and 25 USD for Form-40).

Forms must be accompanied with the following documents:

  • Applications for both registration and the issuance of a birth certificate
  • The original American birth certificate as well as a copy (The Consulate will only keep the copy)
  • Valid Egyptian passport of the father
  • Valid Egyptian passport of the mother
  • Marriage certificate of the parents
  • Two photos for the child
  • Documents providing proof of any change of name or religion

2. Application by Mail

Applicants who prefer to process their applications by mail should first send a request to the Consulate-General accompanied with a return envelope (ONLY UPS or United States Priority Mail) and a money order addressed to the Consulate of Egypt in Chicago with a total of 55 USD (30 USD for Form-26, and 25 USD for Form-40), including copies of all above mentioned documents (All papers must be notarized by a Notary Public testifying that they are true copies of original of documents).

After receiving, completing and signing both forms, they should be returned to the Consulate-General In addition, a return envelope must also be provided (ONLY UPS or United States Priority Mail).

Processing applications usually takes 8-10 weeks in Cairo. Once received, the Consulate-General will send the requested documents to the applicants.

3. Important Remarks:

  • Egyptian regulations currently does not allow writing combined names in birth certificates. Therefore, only one name of the newborn should be on the application regardless of what appears in non-Egyptian birth certificates. 
  • Egyptian birth certificates could also be directly obtained from Egypt using American or non-Egyptian birth certificates if it is authenticated by the Consulate-General and later by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in Cairo (The cost of authenticating documents in the Consulate-General of Egypt in Chicago is 25 USD.)